Learning – Skills through Study

Facilitating Learning

Various learning techniques implemented during our training methodology. Seminar based, Lecture based, Activity based are few techniques which have yielded excellent results throughout our training programme.

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Knowledge – Academic Attainment

Acquisition of Knowledge

Evaluations are required during knowledge based learning. The best evaluations are those that allow students to show what they have learned, such as through presentations or through group work. Tests and exams are also conducted for evaluation purpose.

Teaching – Practical Understanding

Teaching Subject

Our course purpose is to provide the substance and skill necessary to make sound business decisions relating to information systems and to work with senior line managers in the resolution of issues and problems in this area. Categories of issues will be addressed in the course.

Discussion – To Exchange Ideas

Group Discussion

Our training sessions are just not limited to general knowledge and practial knowledge. We provide discussion sessions to exchange ideas, which help in knowledge sharing among trainers and trainees. Our trainers actively participate in these discussion sessions to make sure, the right ideas and methodologies are being implemented.

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Challenges – Facing the real world

Real time onsite scenarios

Our training is not just limited to book knowledge and practical knowledge. Our trainers come with vast knowledge of industry experience and have resolved major issues single handedly. Our training schedule makes sure, you are trained about the real world scenario which helps enhance your practical knowledge and decision making.

What Trainees Say

The face-to-face interaction with fellow students and especially with the instructor. There is nothing better in study than being able to ask questions and have the explanation clearly and quickly given.


I have been able to observe outstanding teacher practice, develop a strong support network with fellow trainees, and receive relevant teaching from experts in their field.


I have had access to outstanding mentors who have provided excellent support, guidance and encouragement. I feel extremely privileged to have trained in such a remarkable institution.

Michael M.