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It Courses

The workforce continues to become more technology-driven, and with that companies are in need of more innovative and highly tech-equipped professionals who can program, develop software, and by enrolling in IT courses at AlphaPrimeTech we can ensure that our students will gain the insight and skills they will need when they go to apply for jobs in the IT industry.

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Software training institute
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Alpha Prime Tech,
Hicksville, 35th Street Suite 508,New York,New York-10001,
Telephone No.+1 (212) 629-4241
New York
Alpha Prime Tech is a career training school in NYC and Hicksville that offers training for a wide spectrum of software programs.
Paralegal Training Long Island

Management Courses

Whether you’re already a supervisor or your career aspirations involve going into business management. At AlphaPrimeTech our students will gain the knowledge and hands-on experience in our courses that will allow them to rise at the top of their professions.

Management Courses list



At AplhaPrimeTech we provide our students with a solid background in accounting, general business, and general education. Our goal is to equip our graduates for careers upon their graduation so that they are able to assimilate into the world of finance and accounting with the knowledge in order to succeed.




Healthcare professions are always going to be in demand, it is why when you decide to enroll our healthcare courses at AlphaPrimeTech focuses on training students in the tools, methods, and practices used in the healthcare industry. Students will receive hands-on experience that they can turn around and apply into their future careers in healthcare.


Make the most of your professional opportunities when you enroll in AlphaPrime Tech’s Paralegal Program. Our hands-on program distinguishes itself from the others by giving our students real world skill sets that are heavily demanded by law firms and legal divisions. Our courses are designed for the working student in mind.



Job Placement Assistance

At AlphaPrimeTech our student’s success is our number one priority. It is why we offer job placement assistance for all of our students at our institution so we can help them on their path of career success. Get in touch with someone at our office today so they can assist you with your journey in the workforce.