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Corporate training is designed to improve workers’ performance, skills and morale. Nearly every major organization creates these programs to tackle certain needs to ensure employees have all the skills that are essential to being productive and efficient. There is an increasing necessity for corporate training in today’s world. AlphaPrimeTech is dedicated to helping professionals grow and even possibly become leaders so that their future employers can succeed as well.

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AlphaPrimeTech offers training for three different occupations: business analysts, project management professionals (PMP) and cybersecurity analysts. Our training is performed both on-site and at other locations and is seminar and lecture-based. In-depth discussions are also a major part of the training, as we believe in the importance of trading different ideas, whether these ideas relate to practical solutions or handling ethics issues. AlphaPrimeTech’s trainers, who have over 20 years of experience in these fields, also boast extensive knowledge of industry trends, so they strive to pass on this practical know-how to professionals.

Benefits of corporate training include greater motivation among employees and thus higher retention rates, as well as a greater capacity to adapt to new technologies.

Business Analyst Training

Business analytics, which involves evaluating data and assessing and improving business processes to help an organization turn a profit, continues to be a highly demanded skill — especially in the IT industry. Business analysts must be both detail-oriented and able to tackle topics from a more general perspective, and be able to present information (verbal and written) in a clear way. On a technical level, they should be adept at:

  • Understanding statistical languages like R;
  • Using statistical software like SPSS and Mathematica (including software for forecasting)
  • Using tools like Microsoft Visio
  • Being able to understand different types of data, how they are related and their significance to a company’s potential growth
  • Performing thorough research
  • Understanding financial terms like profits and losses.

PMP Training

Project management professionals plan, execute and finalize various types of projects. Their responsibilities include engaging stakeholders, putting together and managing budgets and preparing for potential risks. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment among construction project managers will probably increase by 11% from 2016 to 2026.

Project management professionals should be trained in the following types of skills:

  • Project life cycles and project terminology
  • Identifying Organizational Process Assets (OPAs) and Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEFs)
  • Time and cost management
  • Integration and scope management
  • Risk management
  • Quality management

Cybersecurity Analyst Training

Cybersecurity analysts work to prevent hackers and other malicious entities from accessing and using private information. Thus, they should be extensively trained in risk assessment, cryptography (creating or solving codes), open-source operating systems like Linux and programming languages like Java and SQL. Cybersecurity professionals should also have knowledge of vulnerability testing and of different penetration testing methods like targeted testing, blind testing, and double-blind testing. Our trainers will ensure all aspiring cybersecurity professionals are well-versed in these topics.

Here are some of the skills cybersecurity analysts should have:

  • Understanding architecture and administration of operating systems (Linux, Windows, etc.)
  • Familiarity with firewalls and network load balancers.
  • Knowledge of programming languages like Python, PHP, Java, SQL, and C++.
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Penetration testing (white hat testing, blind testing, targeted testing, etc.)
If you’re seeking corporate training services for business analysts, PMP corporate training or cybersecurity analyst corporate training in New York, contact AlphaPrime Tech online or call us at (212) 629-7366.

Accounting With QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a key software program developed and marketed by Intuit that is utilized by accountants and bookkeepers. This program, first released in 2019, helps these workers keep track of payroll and perform bookkeeping duties for several types of companies. QuickBooks teaches you to identify business expenses, how to reconcile and manage a bank account each month, and the most effective ways to maximize your deductions during tax season. The online version is securely accessible from most web browsers or via the mobile app, and no formal contract needs to be signed in order to use QuickBooks.

QuickBooks can also teach you how a single or multi-step financial statement (like an income statement) can benefit your organization, and how to seamlessly transition from spreadsheets (e.g. on Excel) to advanced accounting software. This program can also allow you to work with accounts payable and correct many different types of accounting errors.

In summation, here is what aspiring accountants and bookkeepers should be able to master after learning QuickBooks:

  • Tracking W-2 payroll information
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Working with accounts payable
  • Inventory costing and recording
  • Business expenses and how to maximize deductions during tax season
  • Internal controls and fraud prevention
  • Correcting accounting errors
  • Tracking finances via a filing system
  • Payroll-paying wages, withholding depositing and reporting taxes using tax forms

If you’re seeking corporate training services for accounting professionals who wish to learn more about QuickBooks, call AlphaPrime Tech at (646) 906-8588 or contact us online.

Why choose Alpha Prime Tech?

At Alpha Prime Tech, we offer PMP preparation classes that train individuals in the latest skills and knowledge they require to take the PMP certification exam. Our instructors have years of experience in preparing individuals to become certified PMP, which advance their career in the right direction.

Features of our PMP training program:
  • Flexible classes
  • Real-world, scenario-based learning
  • Well-planned curriculum
  • Experienced and highly trained instructors
  • Individual attention

If you want to get yourself enrolled in highly-effective PMP training classes