Medical transcription plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. Professionals with transcription skills act as a bridge between medical professionals and patients. Today, most of the healthcare facilities depend on medical transcriptionists, also known as healthcare documentation specialists, to convert voice recordings into written reports. The basic purpose of these professionals is to listen to recorded dictation from the physicians and convert them into written reports.

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The transcription could be anything from operative reports to patients’ history, diagnostic test results, referral letters, and other important documents. Thus, they make a great difference in saving people’s lives. If you wish to become a part of this important field, then getting yourself enrolled in medical transcription training is a good start.

We, at AlphaPrimeTech, have been offering a number of medical transcription courses in NY to help students land a job in the medical industry. Our training programs are designed in such a way to ensure our students have the right skills and knowledge once they complete their training. We have highly experienced instructors who offer the right support and guidance to our students throughout their training. The medical transcription training that we offer at both our campuses in Manhattan, New York includes theoretical classes, practical knowledge, and industrial experience as well.

Why Choose Alphaprimetech?

We, at Alphaprimetech, offer the highest level of medical transcription training to our students from Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, New York. Our experienced instructors offer engaging class sessions and hands-on experience to help students learn the fundamentals quickly. Besides providing our students with the right skills and experience, we also focus on their overall development, which includes improving their confidence, and attention to detail and communication skills. By getting yourself enrolled in our medical transcription training, you can take advantage of the following benefits, such as:

Flexible classes

On job assistance

Practical approach


Years of experience

Topics Covered

Our medical transcription training covers all the important aspects of transcription and focuses on preparing students for the corporate world. We offer medical transcription courses to aspiring candidates from various locations such as Manhattan, New York.

Right Candidates To Become Medical Transcriptionists

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries. Hence, the medical industry offers a number of career opportunities for people who wish to pursue a career in this field. As such, there is no formal requirement for becoming a medical transcriptionist, which means anyone who is looking for a rewarding and satisfying career can become a transcription professional. However, an individual interested in pursuing a career as a medical transcriptionist needs to have a high school diploma.

Here are some of the most suitable candidates to get enrolled in our medical transcription classes.

  • College graduates
  • Other professionals who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare industry
  • Working healthcare individuals who want to advance their career

At Alphaprimetech, we have been serving students from various locations, such as Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, New York with our highest level of medical transcription training.

Future Of Medical Transcriptionist

As the number of hospital admissions is increasing, the demand for professionals with transcription skills in the healthcare industry is more than ever. Technology has changed every industry and aspect of our lives and healthcare is no exception. Today, more and more healthcare settings rely on medical transcriptionists to translate physician’s dictation to written reports.

In short, with the growing volume of healthcare services, the demand for transcription services is projected to increase. Thus, there will always be a requirement for >medical transcriptionists. By enrolling in our medical transcription classes in Manhattan, New York, you can obtain the right skills, knowledge, and experience to become a part of this ever-growing industry..

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