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QuickBooks Training Course in NYC & Long Island

Our Training Process

QuickBooks is one of the most vital software programs in the field of accounting. When students gain mastery of QuickBooks, they can keep track of payroll and do bookkeeping for agencies and other businesses, or their own businesses. Discover the power of QuickBooks by mastering basic accounting practices by gaining practical and hands-on training with our highly-trained instructors in New York City and Long Island at AlphaPrimeTech.

Topics covered

  • Track payroll information with QuickBooks
  • How to setup QuickBooks for W-2 payroll
  • Reconciling a bank account
  • How to create an efficient filing system to track your finances
  • Working with accounts payable
  • Internal controls and fraud prevention
  • Inventory costing and recording
  • Correction of accounting errors and bank reconciliation
  • What are business expenses and how to maximize your deductions at tax time.
  • Payroll-paying wages, withholding depositing and reporting taxes using tax forms

Identifying Underlying Competencies

  • Setting up a company
  • Fixing errors in QuickBooks
  • Working with accounts payable

Describing Key Components

  • Setting up a company
  • Fixing errors in QuickBooks
  • Working with accounts payable

The Ideal Candidates to Learn QuickBooks

The ideal candidates that are interested in learning QuickBooks are students looking to expand their accounting and bookkeeping knowledge. Those who have a desire to manage the finances and accounts for a business, or their own business.

Learning QuickBooks Opens Doors for Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of a QuickBooks course at AlphaPrimeTech, our students can feel confident to apply for jobs in the field of accounting as bookkeepers, auditing clerks, and or pursue other careers in the accounting and financial industry. Businesses are always seeking a bookkeeper or auditor who can successfully manage and balance finances and is not limited to work only at financial institutions.

How AlphaPrimeTech Differs From Other Schools

Founded in 2014, AlphaPrimeTech Career School is known for providing high-quality training courses for QuickBooks at our New York and Long Island schools. We strive to provide analytical skills and knowledge by using real-world scenarios to prepare our students to work in a business environment. Our instructors are experts and leaders in their industry who share their expertise with our students to ensure a top-notch learning experience.

Our instructors provide the foundation and fundamental learning skills for the QuickBook courses that we conduct at our Long Island and New York classes. Instructors provide lectures and perform activities along with evaluations and group discussions with students to ensure active learning.

Enroll in our QuickBooks courses today, by contacting us at (212)629-7366.

Future Of Quickbooks

QuickBooks, the main software program utilized by accountants, will likely continue to be upgraded over the coming years. In the fiscal year 2014, online revenue for QuickBooks was $592 million, according to the transcript of an earnings call released by bruceb news. Intuit, the company that develops and markets QuickBooks, has been emphasizing that it hopes to allocate most of its resources towards creating cloud-based accounting services. However, Intuit will continue developing and supporting QuickBooks’ desktop versions in order to preserve customer loyalty. In its 2017 end-of-year report, Inuit also announced it had reached 2.55 million subscribers worldwide, 550,000 of which were outside of the United States.

According to WIZXPERT, there are three methods to download the latest released version of QuickBooks, all of which require a solid, high-speed internet connection: an automatic update, a manual update, and an on-demand (immediate) update.

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