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Paralegal Courses

The paralegal plays an integral role in any legal firm. These professionals work under the direct supervision of a lawyer, offering support during trials and to prepare cases. In fact, the paralegal is considered the heart of a legal team, as they take on more responsibilities than those given to entry-level lawyers and legal secretaries. However, paralegals cannot perform any duty that is reserved for licensed lawyers. Also, they cannot offer any legal advice to clients. However, they still hold some of the important duties and responsibilities in a legal system. It takes an in-depth knowledge of the law and practical work experience along with skills such as communication, organization, and attention to detail to become a paralegal. If you wish to pursue a career in this demanding and lucrative domain of law field, the first step is getting yourself enrolled in paralegal training.

We, at Alphaprimetech, one of the leading paralegal schools in NY, have been helping numerous candidates to land a job in the legal industry. Our team of highly qualified instructors has years of experience in the industry. Thus, they know what it takes to become a paralegal and they prepare our students accordingly for the work field. They use unique teaching methodologies, such as engaging sessions, one-on-one interaction, seminars, and real-life based scenarios to help students learn quickly. We take pride in all our instructors, who act as excellent support and guidance for each candidate throughout their paralegal training in NY and Long Island.

Topics covered

We offer paralegal courses that are specially curated to meet the needs of students who come to our school for training from various locations including Hicksville, NY and Long Island. Some of the important topics covered by our paralegal training include:

Right candidates to become a paralegal

Becoming a paralegal means taking care of various important tasks assigned by an attorney. With the increase in incarceration rates and increased use of technology, the demand for individuals with paralegal skills is also increasing. Well, anyone can become a paralegal as long as they are interested in working with a legal team and performing legal tasks. Some people decide to pursue a career as a paralegal in high school, whereas others may think about becoming a paralegal when studying in college. Also, there are many people who choose paralegal as part of their career switch.

Some of the most-suited candidates for paralegal training include:

  • College graduates wishing to pursue a career as a paralegal
  • Paralegal professionals wanting to advance their skills
  • Other professionals looking for a career change

Whether you’re a high school passed out or a college graduate, you can get benefited from our paralegal training in NY or Long Island.

Future of paralegal

As mentioned already, with the increase in imprisonment rates, the workload in legal firms is greater than ever. Hence, licensed attorneys need professionals with knowledge of the law to help in various tasks, such as conducting legal research, gathering relevant information, drafting legal documents and more. In simple words, most of the attorneys rely on paralegals to operate smoothly. By becoming a paralegal, you will not only have a rewarding career but also become an important part of a legal team or firm.

According to BLS, paralegals and legal assistants offer assistance to lawyers in preparing for trials, hearings, and corporate events. The job opportunities for these professionals are projected to increase by 8% through 2014-2024.

Why choose Alphaprimetech?

We, at Alphaprimetech, have been offering highest-level paralegal training at both our campuses in NY and Long Island. Whether you are from Hicksville and other surrounding areas, our campuses are easily accessible. Our instructors not only focus on teaching the right skills and knowledge for paralegal but also improve the overall development of our students, including boosting confidence. Here are the benefits you can enjoy by enrolling in our paralegal courses.


  • Flexible classes
  • On job assistance/li>
  • Practical approach
  • Expertise
  • Years of experience

o get enrolled in paralegal training in any of our campuses in NY or Long Island, contact us at (212) 629-4241.

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