Healthcare Training Programs Required to Provide Care for Aging Boomers

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Alpha Prime Tech Provides Career-Focused Healthcare Training Programs in New York

Now is a great time to get into the healthcare industry. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Healthcare occupations are projected to grow faster than any other industry with an estimated 2.4 million new jobs added between 2016 and 2026. That’s an 18% job growth rate, which is much faster than the average for all other occupations. There is such a significant growth rate for all healthcare occupations due to aging populations, which require a tremendous amount of healthcare services.

Why is the Healthcare Sector Growing so Fast?

The healthcare industry is booming. Why? Baby boomers, the second biggest generation after millennials, are aging. Typically cited as being born from the 1940s to the 1960s, most baby boomers are considered to be 58 years of age or older (as of 2018).

With advances in healthcare, seniors now have longer life expectancies. That also means as they age, develop diseases, and eventually pass on, they will collectively use more public healthcare services. That will put stress on our healthcare system. The antidote? More well-trained healthcare providers are needed to treat the baby boomer demographic, as well as other all generations!

Unexpected Health Concerns

While baby boomers life expectancy is better than ever thanks to health technology innovations, better nutrition, and other factors, one troubling trend in the United States is rising obesity rates among older adults. As obesity rates continue to increase, it contributes to their chances of developing chronic disease and disability, which puts a strain on our healthcare system. Again, this means more healthcare professionals are needed.

Finding Your Healthcare Niche

You may be interested in medicine but more concerned with recording, transmitting and protecting peoples’ healthcare information than working directly with patients. If you’d prefer to work on the technical side of healthcare instead of dealing with patients first-hand, then consider Alpha Prime Tech’s Medical Billing and Coding or Medical Transcription programs.

Medical Billing and Coding is essential for keeping patients healthy. Recording proper healthcare information is essential for other physicians to understand a patient’s history, and patients (or their insurance) need to be billed to fund healthcare. Medical Transcription is equally vital; specialists who understand medical dictation language are needed to input a patient’s information correctly.

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