QuickBooks Training Course

QuickBooks Training Course

A Quickbooks accountant smiling at the computer

QuickBooks Course Taught by Certified Professional Accountants (CPAs)

A college education is very costly and to manage one’s finances during college without a good paying temporary job is extremely difficult. For all students who do not have a trust fund on their name to put them through college, we have a course that will help you gain meaningful temporary employment during college.

The course is Quick Books. We recommend this course to high school students who wish to support themselves during their college years but do not want to flip burgers.

This course teaches accounting using the Quick Books software, this software is one of the most used Accounting Software for small business. Quick Books has a commanding position of 80% market share as per Fortune magazine.

This course is taught by Certified Public Accountants (CPA) with multiple years of experience. And if needed, we at AlphaPrimeTech school can even place them as interns with Accounting Firms to help the students gain valuable practical experience.

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